Myths About Online Games You Shouldn’t Believe

There are many superstitious people who have rituals to attract good luck, but the reality is that winning does not depend on anything other than chance, although we should not forget that there are some casino Malaysia bet online games where we can use some technique that allows us to obtain Higher odds of winning, these depend on the skills of each and as we all know are not 100% reliable.

Our objective with this post is none other than to try to clarify that these myths are nothing more than urban legends, although sometimes they circulate with such force that it is inevitable that people end up believing them. But perhaps it is time for you to convince yourself that many of the myths and superstitions have little reality.

Hot machines:

When we go to a casino, it is easy to hear the phrase “the machine is hot, it has to be ready” when it has been relatively long without giving a jackpot or when we have been eyeing that the last players have lost large amounts of money without obtaining apparent benefits.

We are sorry we must tell you that there are no hot machines, in the same way, that there are no cold machines. People generally refer to machines that have recently disbursed a prize.

You should know that slot machines are regulated by an RNG. The RNG is a random number generator, that is, the one in charge of drawing numbers at random. These must go through various and strict controls by third parties, to assure their players that the results are completely random and fair.

Online casinos are not reliable:

Online casinos are probably much safer than face-to-face casinos since, in order to go to market, they must meet very strict requirements in accordance with current legislation.

The place where the slots are located:

For some strange reason, there are a thousand rumors circulating, in which it is said that the slot machines that distribute the most jackpots are strategically placed in visible places, such as the entrances of the bathrooms or places of passage. In this way, if the prize touches, the other players can see it and catch their euphoria, hoping to be the next lucky one.

Air conditioning in casinos:

Have you ever heard of casinos pumping oxygen to keep people awake to make sure they bet more? This is, without a doubt, one of the most widespread myths and without any foundation. It is totally false; he thinks that if that were the case, we could run many dangers, such as starting fires.

If the coins are hot, it is a sign that the machine is hot:

The real reason traditional slot machines are hot is because of a failure in engine ventilation. When the machine does not work well, it does not cool properly, and the coins get hot.

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