How To Destroy Beginner Players At Poker Tables

This article is a quick guide to fully and easily take advantage of the weaknesses that beginners show at poker tables.

Do you want to destroy your rivals at the tables and take advantage of the weakest? Perhaps being objective, trying to burst every beginning player that we see at the tables is not the best for the ecosystem, and you should not act in this way.

Acting like this would be somewhat unsportsmanlike, not fair at all, and we could say that it would be cruel, without forgetting that this would only serve to make a newly initiated player leave the poker tables almost before starting to play drago lotto 4d.

Perhaps the best thing for a beginning player is to help him learn how to play, or at least decrease his aggressiveness so that he can enjoy the game even if he loses money.

That said, this article is not about morality, nor are we cops who seek the good of the weakest above all else, so we teach you how to take advantage of the weaknesses of weaker players.

Use these tips to your advantage, and if you do not agree with one or think that it could be modified, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

NOTICE! Keep in mind that these tips and tricks will hardly ever work against a fairly competent player.

Rank your rivals

At the most basic and elementary level, the vast majority of players can be seen in two very different categories: those who are afraid or respected, and those who do not care.

In a few hands (maybe two or three orbits), we should know how to differentiate the beginning players and fit them into a group of these.

The “fearful” player will call on many occasions, in addition to throwing his cards on many of the climbs made. They are not going to try to make the pot grow too big, being really weird watching them open a hand with a bet.

On the other side of the coin, we have those fearless players who will place excessive bets, many of them with too weak cards.

The strategy to be followed by players from both groups must be very different. While to take advantage of a player with fear, you must play very aggressively and consistently to steal their chips, but taking into account their possible increases (if they come into play and much more if they bet, they have good cards).

On the contrary, the strategy to follow against those who play with little concern is to get the maximum value from your winning hands, always betting on your value. You can also see great bets with good pairs.

In this type of game you should also observe if there is any other good player at the table, is there? If the answer is yes, we offer you some advice: avoid playing against him, don’t be silly and get into a battle in which it is possible to lose.

Bet … a lot

Here we have a concept that is difficult to understand for those new players who have begun to have an interest in poker thanks to the paradise of royal fights against poker (4 equal cards) that can be seen in television series and movies:

Most projects are not going to be completed, and the premium starting hands (like pair of Aces or Kings) are very difficult to see.

Most beginning players (especially those who fall into the “fearful” group) will simply fold their cards after the flop if they don’t improve their hand, so you can bet on virtually any flop you come into play with.

Going a little further, you could bet on almost every hand, and many of them will think about how you might be lucky to always get good hands.

Another interesting and even fun trick that can be used against really beginning players is to place the minimum bet on the river.

The most inexperienced players usually do not know the concept of pot-odds, so if they do not manage to complete their project on the river, the most normal thing is that they throw their cards before any bet.

This means that the result will be the same whether you bet 100 or raise 10,000.

With these types of inexperienced players, betting the minimum on the river is an almost risk-free move that offers many benefits.

Take advantage of misunderstandings with ranges.

This tip will only work for those who are playing poker a second or third time, but if you find someone like that, just knowing the range of hands is a tremendous advantage.

In fact, there are some common misconceptions for players who are just starting to play poker.

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